Services and Fees

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

  • Ghostwriting your book -  novel, autobiography, or non-fiction - business and self-help guides, history...
  • Ghostwriting your feature film script, tv pilot, series 
  • Writing your business report, letters, plans
  • Writing proposals, bids, funding applications
  • Copywriting, publicity
  • Speechwriting for weddings and all occasions
  • Proofreading and editing your own writing - books, reports, publicity, web content, essays, dissertations, theses
  • Writing workshops and courses

Please get in touch with us for more details.

0752 898 6476

Rates- Ghostwriter North

There are different degrees of writing we can do for you.


Price is variable – depending on whether you want something written from a blank page, or expanded from your own notes and ideas. Or even rewritten, edited or proofread from your own writing!

For an average paperback length novel (c75,000 words), written by us from scratch, you can expect to pay around £7,500. The price can be substantially cheaper if you provide your own written texts or notes for us to work up. We can then combine additional original writing to expand upon your basic ideas with any of the following editorial services.

Ask for a quotation, and we will come to some arrangement.

You can pay per month or by results (eg £200 per chapter).

Editing or Rewriting

This is the most intensive level of revisions or recommendations for content, plot, characterisation, as well as changing any paragraphs / sentence structures, etc. If your text needs a more aggressive edit, or extensive rewrite, we can help you overhaul it.

We will incorporate most of our suggestions directly into the text and highlight the lines in question. These are all suggestions that you can accept or reject. In areas that need further clarity, we will insert a comment or question for you. Includes:

    • All tasks of copyediting and proofreading
    • Rewriting and restructuring any text
    • Moving entire paragraphs and sentences to improve flow.
    • Ensuring consistent structure by moving, adding or deleting sections.
    • Identifying gaps in content or making suggestions for plot changes/characterisation development /dialogue, and supplying them - or describing the needed copy, so the author can supply them.
    • Deleting content that is surplus to requirement or that does not achieve the desired focus or tone.

£5 per page for corrected file copy (page = c 300 words)



Extended Proofreading / Line-by-Line Copyediting - Includes everything that comes with our basic service plus proofing for general structure, clarity, sense, word choice, redundancies, and inconsistencies in narrative voice.

Literally just looks at the text written (not plot, etc) - changing any errors I see - spelling, punctuation, grammar, semantics, etc.

  • Performing all tasks for proofreading.
  • Changing text and headings for consistency.
  • Flagging inappropriate figures of speech.
  • Ensuring that key terms are handled consistently
  • Tracking the continuity of plot, setting, and character traits, and querying the discrepancies, in fiction manuscripts.
  • Changing passive voice to active voice, if requested.
  • Flagging ambiguous or incorrect statements.

£3 per page for corrected file copy




This is a light touch, involving minor revisions to pick up any errors, in preparation for publication.

There are two levels -


1 Express Proofreading


If your work is already polished and only needs a quick read for minor errors, we can offer you low rates and a fast turnaround time – return within 5-7 days if necessary.

£2 per page for corrected file copy

2 Basic Proofreading

  • Correcting faulty spelling, grammar, typos, capitalization errors and punctuation.
  • Correcting incorrect usage (such as can for may).
  • Ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalisation.
  • The editor checks content only to detect spots where copy is missing (but not supplying them) and marks them for author.

£2.50 per page for corrected file copy



Or it may be that you’d like a combination of these – e.g. – if your basic English is fine, but you just want help on structure / plotlines. We can negotiate a bespoke service, tailored to your needs.


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